Dog Bites and Animal Injuries

Everyday, innocent victims are bitten or attacked by dogs and other animals that are not properly restrained by their owners. Playful, unsuspecting children are especially vulnerable, and sadly they tend to represent the largest number of cases. Victims can suffer serious injury, loss of limb or motion, disfigurement or scars requiring plastic surgery, permanent nerve damage, rabies, infection or other complications. If you or a loved one has been bitten by a neighbor’s animal, you should contact a personal injury attorney immediately, not only on your own accord, but for the safety of other small children, pedestrians, cyclists, joggers, postal carriers and the elderly who have the right to enjoy the community without threat of an attack or mauling due to irresponsible and negligent pet owners. Call Mike Turner and Scott Henderson, the personal injury attorneys who will work to obtain fair and just compensation for you and, hopefully, others are spared from encountering the same experience.

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