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If you, a loved one or a friend has sustained an injury or been hurt in an accident, who will fight for your rights when you’ve been harmed by negligent or intentional behavior? You need knowledgeable, experienced attorneys you can trust to represent you. Lawyers who will properly analyze the strength of your claim and succeed in obtaining the compensation you deserve.

Many personal injury cases involve more than pain and suffering. There are costly medical expenses, disputes regarding insurance coverage, even circumstances that may prevent you from continuing to adequately support you and your family. When you find yourself suddenly facing serious issues like these, contact Mike Turner and Scott Henderson - Denver, Colorado’s respected Personal Injury Trial Lawyers.

For our entire legal careers, we’ve been dedicated to representing real people like you, not corporations or insurance companies. Our highly-successful track record of prosecuting many types of injury cases allows us to represent our clients on a Contingent Fee basis. That means that we don’t get paid unless you recover compensation for your injuries.

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